Horns for Life is the non-sectarian student group at the University of Texas dedicated to promoting a consistent life ethic on campus and around the community. We affirm the fundamental dignity and equal value of all human lives, at all stages and in all circumstances. We oppose and work to bring an end to abortion, capital punishment, euthanasia, embryonic stem cell research, and unjust war. We support pregnant and parenting students through volunteering and scholarships; we seek to change minds and hearts through education and discussion.



We have weekly meetings and regularly host speakers so that we can hear from experts on specific and important topics. Last year this included subjects like: working in the pro-life movement, human dignity in war, abortion’s affect on men, the death penalty, and many others.


We try to help out our community in hands-on ways as often as possible. In the past we’ve volunteered with Austin Pregnancy Resource Center, Hands on Housing, and other organizations like them.


Sometimes it’s good to take a step back from the heavy conversations and just go bowling or share a meal together. Last year we held various socials to appeal to the different interests of all our members.


We table on campus fairly often – about 2 or 3 times a month. Tabling is a great way to interact with our UT peers. The conversations we have on campus are meaningful and informative not just to the public, but to our own members too.

We also participate in other activist events when we can, like Students for Life of America’s Sock it to PP campaign.


In the spring of 2017, we started a Pregnant & Parenting Student Scholarship and were able to support one set of student parents here at UT. In 2018, we raised enough money to give scholarships to five different pregnant and parenting mothers at UT. In order to continue this scholarship and to keep our organization running, we need to keep raising money! We’re always looking for creative ways to raise money, and are extremely grateful for any donations we receive.



President -

Paige Kubenka

Paige is a junior majoring in Rhetoric & Writing and Linguistics. As president of Horns for Life, she oversees all the club happenings, makes the big decisions, and keeps the organization running smoothly.


Vice President -

Cassie Guardiola

Cassie Guardiola is a junior Marketing major. She is a Dr. Joseph Graham Fellow with Texas Right to Life and a Wilberforce Fellow with Students for Life of America. Cassie's also actively involved in the student ministry at the University Catholic Center, which is her go-to hangout spot. When she's not busy with schoolwork and pro-life advocacy, she likes going to concerts and writing poetry.


Engagement -

Krissa Martin

Krissa is a biology, pre-med major from Houston, Texas. As engagement officer, she works to organize tabling events and volunteering opportunities.


Treasurer -

Mica De Caprio

As treasurer, Mica focuses on fundraising for both our club and for the Pregnant and Parenting scholarship, that Horns for Life gives to students every year. She is also in charge of managing all things money, tracking all of the donations received every semester.

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Public Relations - Hudson Hopper

Hudson is a sophomore Radio-Television-Film major from Houston. As Horns for Life’s public relations officer, he is responsible for everything a non-member will see: the facebook, instagram, posters, branding, and even this website. This year, he spent most of his time developing the new logo, website, and social media accounts.